About Us

About Us 

Hello there Friends, Welcome to Gizmo Adda blog your objective to Learn about tech and headway. I Blog About gaming devices, home embellishments, kitchen gadgets, office gadgets and photography gadgets..

About The Blog: 

Gizmo Adda  is my most loved blog, here on my blog I share articles related to Technology , Gadgets and Crazy Inventions. I started this blog to share my understanding into Technology and gadgets. I value advancement by my heart, I am amazingly stirred by top web diaries like engadget, tech Crunch and labnol of the world.

This inspiration in me is because I in like manner need to help people with picking the best devices that would deal with their step by step issues. I was astoundingly fascinated by gadgets and development around me.

About Me: 

My name is Imroz Hassan a specialist Blogger and Entrepreneur.Right now I am doing my Engineering. But really I am from West Bengal. I am an imagined enterprenure on the most major level and besides love to watch technology.Being an Indian Guy I know it is crucial in our lifestyle to go for advanced education instead of looking for after an energy, I turned out to be more familiar with that I am not made for corporate kind of things, I feel amazingly clumsy when I consider completing a 9 to 5 work.

One request I for the most part ask myself reliably when I see any advancement of mankind like autos , bicycles or even a little needle and consider how development has improved our life. I was to a great degree driven about my blogging and pioneering venture, I always needed to develop an association which helps people by some methods in their step by step regular daily existence in dealing with their issues. So I started this blog I know its a little advance anyway notwithstanding I help people with picking the right gadgets that would encourage their regular daily existence. I wish one day I would build up my own specific critical thinking item.

I despised doing work under a chief. I need to work for myself, so I started following my eagerness and love for innovation.

My Mission At Gizmo Adda

Through this site I need to make people aware of the continuous creations open in the market and how they could use it in their regular day to day existence. As I assume that Technology has huge effect and has changed our lifestyle a significant measure as time passes by and continuous Technologies like machine learning and AI are coming into preparing it has enhanced our life. In this brisk changing world it is important that we know the use of Technology and web as it makes our life to a great degree straightforward. 
So in the event that you like my endeavors buy in to my blog and continue visiting for customary Updates.

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